How important is a Back Matter Mailing List Link for Self-Published Authors?

One of the mistakes that self-published authors make over and over again is the failure to start a mailing list with the very first book they publish. Self-publishing is a difficult business, and a mailing list can mean the difference between being successful in the business or not. Still authors do not include them until far later in their career – if ever. In this article, we will go over some pretty compelling reasons to start a mailing list right away as well as instructions on how to do so. If you are a self-published author, this is some of the most important advice that you could get to ensure your success in the self-publishing world.

What is an Author Mailing List?

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The first thing that you want to know is exactly what an author’s mailing list entails. An author’s mailing list is a list of email addresses that you have collected for the purpose of sending updated about your books. It is important to note that with today’s SPAM laws, you must get someone’s permission to send them promotional material – they must sign up for the list in other words.

Why is a Mailing List Important?

There are a lot of important reasons why you should have a mailing list. First, it gives you an instant promotional tool. Without a mailing list, you have to work just as hard at promotion with each new book you publish. But with a mailing list, you have a greater return for your efforts with each book you publish.

How do you insert a Mailing List into Your Back Matter?

Getting a link to your mailing is pretty easy. You simply include the link and it will be clickable on digital editions of your book. If your book is in print instead, set up an easy to type website with the mailing list on the homepage. When they go to your website, the mailing list should be one of the first things that they see. Otherwise, they will give up and you won’t get that email address.

How do you set up a Mailing List?

There are several ways that you can set up a mailing list. Many self-published authors create a website and have their mailing list entry forms placed there. Then you can set up an account with a service like MailChimp to actually manage your mailing list, allow people to unsubscribe when they want, and streamline the whole process of sending out regular emails with updates on your newly-published books.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to setting up a mailing list, getting people to give you their email address is the most difficult part. You should offer some kind of incentive that makes them want to sign up – such as a free book. If you want more great publishing advice, including how to promote your book effectively, you should visit where there are lots of great resources for self-published authors.

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